Thursday 2 August 2018

Natural Stone Monument | Gravestone | Headstone

Granite Angel Monuments

Bintang Antik Sejahtera is now offering an exclusive products of Natural Stone, made of first quality stone selection. Natural stone monuments include granite monuments, upright headstones, kernel headstones, grass markers/flat headstone, slanted markers, personal etching, benches/cremations, and Chinese memorials. A headstone will memorialize a loved one for many years to come. The design should not only mirror the deceased’s personal tastes, but should represent the way in which they lived their life. The making of a headstone is a very specialized craft, with the engraving process being one of the most important parts. We offer you our courteous attention and personal understanding to ensure a long standing tribute to your loved one.

The use of natural stones materials from our quarry in Tulungagung Indonesia, which we process carefully to produce special memorials to special friend or family member.We use of stone and 100% of natural stone only. The material of the headstone is a very important element to consider as it can affect your placement options and the visual properties of the design. In addition, the durability of the stone can significantly impact the longevity. Carved by our finest craftsmen to produce deep carvings that will last longer than machines and engraved laser that newel technology in craved world. We can designed as you desire or customized. Choosing the finish is just as important as choosing the material and will have a significant impact on the durability and appearance of the headstone. We serves all the finish surface such as polish, part-polish, honed etc. You can design as you desire but we also available in  our standard design. You may send us deceased’s picture, name, date and some quotes.
The price of our cemetery monument depends on various factors such as style, shape, size, stones color, and complexity of design elements such as etchings, engravings, portraits, epitaphs and inscriptions that enhance the beauty and personalize the message on the monument. Symbols and imagery that convey the specific nationality or religion of the deceased can also affect the cost. If you would like a price on a different granite color or a custom designed cremation bench, or you have a photo of the bench you want, please contact us for a price quote. Our monuments are reasonably priced and include standard engraving. Our craftsmanship and service are exceptional.

Riverstone / Batu Kali,Granite, Marble, Limestone, Slate,  Is Original Product From Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia

Product Details Information :
Name of Product
Natural Stone Monument | Gravestone | Headstone
Marble, Onyx, petrified wood, river stone, granite, etc.
Standard and customized size.

Perak Surabaya
Polished, Honed, Flamed, Splitted, Carving and Bush hammered, etc.
Lead Time
Shipped in 20 days after payment
Shipping Method
Packaging Details
Standard and strong export wooden crate packing outside, and use foam and plastic rub into the empty space to make sure the inside without any damage.
Packaging Price

Mode of Transport
Payment Terms
Normally using T/T
Competitive price, CAD drawing design, Prompt quoting & delivery

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