About Us

We are so glad for your exploring to our products and masterpiece,

UD. BINTANG ANTIK SEJAHTERA was construct our new way to this global world to the Indonesian Marble Stone Manufacture ,Supplier and Contractor . Our company focus on the natural stone processing with our craft machines and experienced craftsman to produces an excellent work and high quality products. Our masterpiece products such as, marble sink, pedestal sink, French pattern, fireplace, guest table, living room, decorative table, bathroom accessories, trophy and marble cup, marble plaque, sculpture and relief, mosaic, monuments or memorials and garden interiors and all crafts custom design that you need.

Our networks are worldwide place that serve all information about our products and crafts, buying request, and all our clients necessary. UD. BINTANG ANTIK SEJAHTERA staff will be available to make your request easily. But, if you need more about information please visit us in our workplace in Tulungagung. Your satisfaction is our number one responsibility and priority.

With our mission and integrity UD. BINTANG ANTIK SEJAHTERA will be the worldwide marble supplier to be your choice.

Company Name      : UD. Bintang Antik Sejahtera

Product                    : Marble, Petrified Wood, River Stone etc.

Country                   : Indonesia/East Java  

Address                   : Jl. Kanigoro, GG 4 No. 35 Blumbang, Campurdarat, Tulungagung

Made of Transport  : Shipping

Payment                    : Bank Transfer  

Contact Number      : originalmarblefactoryindonesia@gmail.com