Tuesday 6 November 2018


UD. BINTANG ANTIK SEJAHTERA was construct our new way to this global world to the Indonesian Marble Stone Manufacture ,Supplier and Contractor . Our company focus on the natural stone processing with our craft machines and experienced craftsman to produces an excellent work and high quality products. Our masterpiece products such as, marble sink, pedestal sink, French pattern, fireplace, guest table, living room, decorative table, bathroom accessories, trophy and marble cup, marble plaque, sculpture and relief, mosaic, monuments or memorials and garden interiors and all crafts custom design that you need.

Limestone Pedestal Sink
Pedestal sink was became popular in many country because of their design was delightful but simple. Now, UD. Bintang Antik Sejahtera introduce you our new style of pedestal sink in the shape of oval with rough pattern. We have warm chocolate marble as the material but you may also customized in another material that we serve as like black marble, riverstone and granite. Marble or limestone has an unique pattern that might be different from one to another. So, it makes the product made from it include an exclusive product. The use of marble or limestone not only has an appearance of elegance and refinement with its natural beauty and also it is timeless although, it has been damaged but it has natural pattern that remain beautiful. 

Warm chocolate marble

The design inspired from the industrial modern house with clean concept. 3D rough pattern give a simple design that appropriate for industrial house design. The material use of warm chocolate marble that keep showing the exclusively. The product made by our experienced craftsmen in our factory and the quality always be controlled in every single piece of the product. Our staff always keep the pedestal ready on stock but, our staff are more concern in custom order to satisfy our customer desire. But don’t be worried because we also served the business visiting for continuing bussiness relation.

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