Friday 16 November 2018


Round Riverstone Washbasin - Riverstone is the most natural look for a washbasin, because it a simple stone that carved only. Without any additional cement or glue it pattern will be depend on their location and shape irregular not an exact shape like a marble cutting. The characteristics of this stone also the strong material and easy to find in our region Tulungagung, Indonesia. A riverstone washbasin will be very nice in your house bathroom, in hotel or exterior just like in the garden or park. And don't forget about the price because the riverstone material is including the affordable price material. 

Now, UD. Bintang Antik Sejahtera introducing the special washbasin made from 100% riverstone  original from Tulungagung, Indonesia. Inside of this washbasin have a polished finish to make it resist from any dirt and the pores will totally closed and easy to clean. The stone have a polished and clean treatment from any mold and fungus so it will clean when shaped in a washbasin.
Riverstone Washbasin
This washbasin can be adjustable in depth and thickness. You can be ordered in any of diameter and shape but not in exact shape because it will depend on the mother of the nature. But, we can looking for any material that approaching with your desire. Now, grab it fast because the stone not always ready on our workshop. 

Riverstone Washbasin
For more information please contact us on phone, live chat in WhatsApp, and social that available on our website. We also available for catalogue that you can request by email us. And open with any of business visitation in our office and workshop in Tulungagung, Indonesia. 

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