Monday 24 December 2018


Black Ggranite Book Headstone - UD. Bintang Antik Sejahtera introducing the new design of headstone with book shape use a black granite material. A lot of headstone design may be so confusing to decide which is the best but, this design is the best seller and less complain of headstone design. So, don't worry about this headstone. The material actually have a lot of base material, it can be use the white marble, black marble, and also granite. All of the material have polished finish to resist from any dust and dirt. 

White marble have advantages as the best seller material, the easily to carved, the shining and the characteristics of the stone is the pattern. white marble have the cream shade but it still look like white so it is not pure flat white. This makes the white marble look so natural and stunning as a headstone. White marble also very nice to combining with gold carving letter on it. The shape will be so details because it carved by our craftsman that experienced decades. 

We always doing the product process carefully because it is include an exclusive product. A headstone purpose is to remember our special person who had passed. So we always put forward the quality of the headstone. Our price is based the material that used, so it will very affordable price for you.

Black Granite Book Headstne
Carved carefully by our craftsment that have a lot of experience in their field. The deep carved on the headstone make the letter more last longer than a regular carved. The golden paint also use a special paint for exterior use and resist from sunlight and rain. The polished finish make this book headstone material black granite more stunning.

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