Thursday 21 February 2019


Black Marble Statue of Dragon - A new crafts from UD. Bintang Antik Sejahtera a marble statues and sculptures in the dragon figure. Marble statues and sculptures from UD. Bintang Antik Sejahtera always use the high quality main material such as river stone, marble, onyx, petrified wooden and granite in worth it price and negotiable. Marble statues and sculptures is a natural stone crafts which also hand made from our experienced craftsmen. The use of white material as the main material originally from our quarry in Tulungagung, Indonesia and available for import material for customized order will produce a high quality of marble natural stone crafting. 

Because some time our customer have a limited of time, so we choose to make some option to use a machine but still have a hand of craftsmen for a finishing touch.The production use the combination of two technique and use a fine machine but still in traditional grip to produce a details carved and finest sculptures. To know more about the White Marble Statue of Dragon we will do a review and show you the picture. Dragons are believed as a mighty animal of Chinese people.

Almost the figure and picture are often meet in some of pagoda and a holy place. According the expert, a dragon is the highest class animal because it is a combination of nine animals in the world. Although its form is like a snake, but a dragon has four legs like a tiger with sharp claws like an eagle, horns like deer, heads like camels, scales like fish, sharp eyes like stealth, ox ears, and stomach like oysters. Therefore, the dragon is identified with the number "9" because it is a combination of nine other animal.

Black Marble Statue of Dragon

This black marble are a natural marble that flamed naturally with a special treatment that produce a high quality and durable colour of marble. Black marble statue of Dragon are very special and suitable for a lot of space kind of corner, in front of office desk or somewhere you want it to be placed.

Marble Statues and Sculpture
The use of 100% of natural marble make use realize that every stone that we use are worth to use and wisely when it carved and shaped as the statue that have more price than the main material. We processed our each products carefully use a traditional carved by our craftsmen. Use a polished finish to showing the natural colour and pattern or motif on it main stone. We have a standard design but you may also ordered of your own design or customized order.

The packaging we use a standard of shipping package use a double foam and wooden box to make sure the security of our crafts inside. And we do a double check before shipping to make sure your crafts are save until the destination. So, whitout any further do contact our customer service on Phone and whatsapp below to asking about our crafts and stone product. And we also open for any of business visitation on our office and workshop on Tulungagung, Indonesia.

Product Details Information :
Name of Product
Marble Statue and Sculptures
Black Marble
Place of Origin
Standard Size.
Perak Surabaya
Polished, Honed, Flamed, Splitted, Carving and Bush hammered, etc.
Lead Time
Shipped in 20 days after payment
Shipping Method
Packaging Details
Standard and strong export wooden crate packing outside, and use foam and plastic rub into the empty space to make sure the inside without any damage.
Packaging Price
Mode of Transport
Payment Terms
Normally using T/T

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