Friday 13 September 2019

Onyx Stone Fruit Plate Crafts, Selling Onyx Stone Crafts

Onyx Stone Fruit Plate Crafts, Selling Onyx Stone Crafts - Onyx stone handicrafts that are in great demand are unique and interesting onyx stone fruit plate crafts. We craftsmen from Tulungagung will introduce one of the craft that is very unique and very suitable made souvenirs from Tulungagung. Onyx stone fruit plate crafts use genuine quality onyx stone material which is processed by the skilled hands of the craftsmen. We use onyx stone which is processed into handicrafts typical of the city of Tulungagung. Let's look together with this craft that you will get from us natural stone craftsmen and marble crafts that are safe, cheap and reliable.

Onyx Stone Fruit Plate Crafts, Selling Onyx Stone Crafts

We who are craftsmen of Onyx stone fruit plates are available in a variety of fruits. The stone that is used alone is natural stone onyx which has a random motif and natural veins typical of natural aby onyx. We also use polish as the end result that makes this craft has a very unique luster and is resistant to weather and dirt. Care of natural stone handicraft itself is also relatively easy because it is enough to wipe using cloth again like a new craft. Enough with prices ranging from 50-200 thousand rupiahs, you can decorate the corner of your home with this luxurious craft ...

For the order information we have supported services throughout Indonesia with Guarantees, cheap, safe and reliable.

Onyx Stone Fruit Plate Craft - If you want to visit our company, we will be happy to serve you. By coming directly to our place you can immediately see our other crafts. If you also want to see our workshop, we are also ready to take you. While our office address is on Jln. Kanigoro GG 4 No. 35 DS. Blumbang, Campurdarat District, Tulungagung Regency, East Java.

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